RyRy is an Ex-Streamer and still a mod on the D4nk Petals discord and streams. Mr RyRy started streaming over 2 years ago and only became consistent after June of 2018. Mr RyRy has been a part of The D4nk Petals team since it was announced. During his old streams he tried to focus on keeping himself happy as he wanted to enjoy what he was doing and focus less on everything else. He played a lot of Overwatch during his streams and before that a lot of Rules of Survival. During Mr RyRy's early days in the group he was mainly known by the nickname of "Dickhead" for his actions during a game called "Golf with your Friends" later the stream renamed it to "Golf with your Enemies" this was the same stream Mr RyRy met most of the current D4nk Petals members.
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